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A warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting my space.

I am Sue, I believe in honest feelings, raw emotions, magical moments, self love and connecting within and with others through art. I create a trusted, sacred space for people to go within, explore their inner child and to immerse themselves in the present moment with their loved ones. I am a spirited Melbourne lifestyle family photographer.

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Sunset golden hour photos, with lots of golden sun flares, bokeh and magical light makes me excited. Capturing honest and raw interactions with your loved ones makes me feel fulfilled. Capturing you with your children, telling them a story, cuddling them, sneaking in for a kiss bring me so much joy as a family photographer. 

The newborn phase can be overwhelming, daunting and life changing. It is also beautiful and rewarding. You could be holding your baby and be thinking how on earth you have managed to create a life and how lucky you are or alternate into feelings of worry of not doing enough as a new parent. Trust me, i do understand. This is why I am more than happy to go to your home, look for rooms with the best light, guide you to interact with your family and allow the magic to happen. Observing the beauty of your family's love for one another unfolding makes my heart sing!

I invite you to look at the photos that I have taken for my dear families...go ahead and click below



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IN Home Newborn +Babies

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…
I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.
— Elliott Erwitt

I am so grateful and honoured to be able to document your stories and memorable moments. Your family can enjoy the photos and remember the tickles, laughter, the cheeky grin, the cuddles, the intense gaze, the kisses, the way your children look at you....

Please do yourself a big favour, contact me and I would like to hear about your family, your story.

Book a session now and your kids will thank you later when they grow up.

May love be what you remember most - Darcie Sims

May love be what you remember most - Darcie Sims